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Night of the Triangles


I was visiting my girlfriend now wife and was just getting out of my car when it appeared over the houses quite low and perfectly silent it must have been about the size of a football pitch as someone else said if not bigger with dim lights underneath I didn't actually see the back end because the acceleration on it was so fast and again silent I don't think anything we have can accelerate that quickly and with no noise from a standing start one minute it was there next it was gone any way if somethings come out of your article my kids always thought i was winding them up they don't now cheers Simon

All I can remember is that it was early evening and it was dark the address was it came from Fforestfach direction over the houses at probably about 10 mph it appeared speedboat shaped at first and just kept getting wider it must have been about the height of 3 houses couldn't tell how long it was as never saw the rear it accelerated so fast in the direction of roughly Morriston hospital there was someone else on the street a man with a baby but he just grabbed the child and ran into one of the ho

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