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10 PM.

Two friends were sitting in the garden and noticed what they thought at first was a plane with a light on each point heading directly towards them at about 200-300 feet in altitude. As it got nearer to the witnesses, flying directly above them, they could see that the object was not a plane or drone.

"It looked similar to a B-2 stealth but more triangular in shape, flying in a reverse position and flying extremely slow and dead silent."

An attempt was made to photograph the object on a mobile phone, but without success.

"...another local had seen it a couple miles away from me and he said he thought it was a drone when he 1st saw it but when it got closer he said it was too big and looked like nothing he had ever seen, there must be more witnesses. He said as he was stuck in traffic when he noticed it and others stuck in the traffic must have witnessed it. He last saw it heading east over the Bristol channel."

Source: citing MUFON. Reported by witness 30 January 2019.

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