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10.30 PM.

Tom was at home in Bryncoch, Neath. To his west lies Drumau Mountain. He saw a light which he at first thought was an aircraft:

"It flew across and started jerking dramatically up and down. Such speed couldn't have been a plane. Flashing red-white rhythmically. It made it hard to focus and was impossible to see when the flash wasn't on. It flew to the furthest end of my view, above Drumau Mountain. It hovered there and jerking every now and then. It was now a bright white colour. Lots of small white dots started to collect around it, some flaring up as if they were white flames. Still it was hard to focus on them. I had to squint a bit to focus on them. I felt scared."

They then disappeared and Tom was feeling sick. At 10.40 pm he was tempted to close the curtains due to fear. At 10.47 pm the lights reappeared, moving back along their original course but in reverse, slowly and rising slowly and jerkily. Red and white flashes continued and Tom was able to make out a possible cigar-shape. Then he thought it looked small and rectangular and "was moving as if it was searching for something."

Source: reported by witness 19 March 2012.

Location on map is approximate.

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