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“Me and my friend were sitting on a stair railing at the beach in Porthcawl (South Wales), watching the waves out at sea while it started to get dark.

I looked up and I could see a bright light coming over from the far distance, heading towards the sea remaining at similar height, (was flying about helicopter height). At first I thought it was a helicopter but as it came nearer the light got really, really bright and the shape became bigger.

My friend was seeing exactly the same as me, it was travelling really slow and something was like travelling just behind it then all of a sudden it zoomed really high in a diagonal direction and just stayed in the sky like a star. We just couldn’t believe what we had seen, it made no noise and we tried taking pictures of it but it was so small in the sky it just looked like a star.

We hung around a bit and we were both shaken up. We rang family and friends etc, some made a joke about it and some believed us but you just had to be there to witness it. It just stayed there almost all night until we went home.”

It was too bright to see the shape of the object.

Source: citing MUFON uploaded by witness 17 June 2007.

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