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An 'airship' was seen traversing a large area of South Wales. Reports came in from various locations which, if the reported times of the sightings are to be considered accurate, meant that the object was able to cover the distance at high speed.

A letter written by Sara E. Hanmer of Bettisfield, Rogerstone on 23 January and was printed in the 25 January edition of the Western Mail:

"Sir, - My sister and I also observed the mysterious airship on Friday evening last, at about six o'clock. It was wobbling considerably over Fox Wood. It seemed to carry a searchlight, which flashed brilliantly at times, and at others was quite obscured it seemed to us. From this we concluded the occupants were in difficulties.

It was so close to earth that we could distinctly hear the whirr of the machinery. Eventually it only appeared to be a darker object travelling in a westerly direction.

This is the third time we have seen a similar object in the last four or five weeks, but this one was much nearer, and looked an immense object travelling very swiftly."

The Western Mail of Monday 27 January 1913 printed a map showing the probable route that the 'airship' took. This started at Barry. The object was seen above Barry by an observer in Bonvilston, some miles inland. It was next seen above Cardiff by a witness in Roath Park. At about 6 pm it was seen above Newport. Merthyr Tydfil was next, also reportedly seen at about 6 pm. It was seen over Glanamman between 6.30 and 6.45 pm, finally seen by an observer in Sketty, Swansea.

The newspaper said: "....probable route of the mysterious airship which hovered over South Wales on Friday, January 17, according to the times and places of correspondents who wrote to say they had seen it. The following night an airship was also stated to have been seen over Essex and Surrey."

Source: 'Western Mail' Saturday 25 and Monday 27 January 1913.

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