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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

Mark Jones, a twelve-year-old Haverfordwest school boy, together with his friend Llewellyn Edwards, also twelve, sighted a UFO hovering near the Haverfordwest Grammar School.

The boys, who observed the object from a distance of about 40 yards, said that it was a 15-foot-long, orange cigar-shaped fuselage, carrying a blue flashing light.

They lobbed a stone at it and it took off at high speed and vanished.

They were rather unnerved by the experience and ran all the way to the police station, where they reported the incident.

Mark recalls: "The police drove us back to the field, but they couldn't find any sign of it." This was the second time that Mark Jones had made an observation of a UFO within a two-month period.

Source: 'The Welsh Triangle' Peter Paget 1979.

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