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7.15 AM.

63-year-old Arthur Moore, from Park Avenue, Ty-isaf, Pontymister, was taking a break of air whilst at work at the Avana factory in Rogerstone. He was on the roof of the factory and he saw, to the north, what he described as a black cloud coming over Twmbarlwm mountain. When the cloud cleared, he saw a 'massive, white, oblong object just like a double-decker bus, resting on the ground.'

The object was glowing a 'vivid white' and was sited just to the right of the tump or pimple on the summit, which gives the mountain its distinctive character. According to the witness the object first 'blended into the background and then got bigger again.'

When he first told his workmates they accused him of seeing things and not surprisingly refused to believe him until they saw the object themselves. Les Brown said the object seemed to be a 'silver oval dome made of aluminium.' It finally vanished from view completely at 10.45 AM.

Source: 'Unknown Gwent' - Alan Roderich 1986 citing 'South Wales Argus' / BUFORA UFO TIMES No. 19 September 1991 - J. C. Brogan.

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