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Early evening.

F. W. Holiday writes:

"I was driving up the A478 road near Foel Dyrch mountain [South of Crymych - E.W.] in the early evening when I noticed a moving light in the sky. I had now taken to carrying binoculars around. The object was moving north, nearly parallel to the road, and was about 500 feet above the floor of the valley to the right which brought it almost level with where I was standing.

It was about half a mile away when I got it in focus and travelling on a level course at no more than 50-60 mph.

I had a very good look at it. It was large but not enormous - perhaps twenty or twenty-five feet long. It was a flattened oval in shape.

As the night was clear and starry I was able to look all around it and make quite sure it was not, for example, a window in an aircraft. It was an oval object with a firm outline. No trail was visible nor anything to indicate how it was propelled. I saw no surface details. In colour it was yellow-gold and it had the appearance of being constructed from a glowing, translucent substance.

The effect was both beautiful and majestic. I watched it travel through an arc of about 70 degrees before it passed out of sight over the hills to the north."

He added that it was completely silent.

Source: 'The Dragon and the Disc' F. W. Holiday 1973 page 109.

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