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10.35 PM. The tide was in and the sea calm with a slight a breeze.

Scott was walking his dog along the edge of the beach, just outside Colwyn Bay town centre. He saw a green light under the water, about 50 metres off shore, moving quickly. He thought at first it must have been a reflection, so he scanned the sky for aircraft but he could not see any. The light then reappeared, but was now static.

Scott tried to video it on his phone but without success. Another dog walker came past and he too saw it. After about two minutes the light started to move again, parallel to the coast, slowly, then it grew in size and brightness.

Scott said it then seemed to spin and blink out. No aircraft or boats were anywhere near, and there was no light from buildings etc.

Source: reported by witness 17 November 2013.

Location on map is approximate as we do not know which side of the town centre the witness was.

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