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10.15 AM. Weather dry, overcast, no wind.

Emlyn Williams (51) was driving with his partner, Christina Reynolds (44) along Cwmbach Road, heading east towards Swansea city centre. As they approached the junction with Station Road, Cockett, they saw ahead, over houses towards Cwmdu direction, two dark objects which they at first thought were birds.

Turning to the left and heading north up Station Road, they kept an eye on the objects as best they could through spaces between houses on the right, and noted that they were too large to be birds, and seemed to be revolving around a common centre, at a steady rate, not slow, one object much larger than the other, and both black in colour. They were moving slowly but steadily to the north-east.

Emlyn and Chris then turned right at the junction at Fforestfach, onto Carmarthen Road, and again heading east. They could see that the objects were still moving north-east and had just crossed Carmarthen Road ahead of them and were now on the left and getting higher from their initial altitude of about a hundred feet.

Emlyn pulled the car over opposite Cwmdu Industrial Estate to get a better look and Chris took some photos and a short video on her mobile phone. The objects were shapeless ‘blobs’ and were still revolving around a common centre, one big, one small. The large one was about 10-20 feet across, the smaller being about a third of this.

There was no sound and no lights were visible coming from the objects, generated or reflected. They got higher and higher as they passed over Gendros until just visible as a tiny dark dot in the sky in the north-east.

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