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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

Graham Howells, aged thirteen, of Pembroke Dock sighted a bright silver metallic object hovering over the Pembroke School as he arrived early in the morning.

He reported: "It had a dome in the middle which was dark grey most of the time but flashed to a dazzling white about every five seconds. It resembled a plate with a burnt fried egg on it. Around the rim of the 'plate' it had greeny-yellowish lights and what seemed to be retrorockets. The plate seemed to be revolving as well.

Looking at the whole thing from the side it would probably appear cigar-shaped. Even though it was foggy, I'm sure it wasn't a helicopter or a weather balloon because it stayed completely still all of the time I was looking at it. It couldn't have been smoke from the power station because it flashed and I had quite a good view of the thing."

Source: 'The Welsh Triangle' Peter Paget 1979.

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