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10.30 PM. Clear night sky.

Radio Producer, Steve Powell was taking a walk through Griffithstown Park after posting a letter. He noticed a bright red/orange light approaching from the north and heading south towards Cwmbran and Newport. It was travelling very slowly and at first he thought it was an aircraft flying towards Cardiff airport, or maybe a helicopter. However, there was no sound and as it went overhead, the light seemed to dim and fade.

As it did, Steve could now see that it was a black triangular-shaped object against the dark sky. At this point it started to travel at speed and seemed to be moving from left to right in his viewpoint and "looked in free fall." It continued south and eventually over the rooftops of houses nearby. Steve said it was either low or very high and large.

No sound was heard from the object. Steve added that it appeared again later (if same object) travelling east to west.

Source: reported by witness 19 August 2010.

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