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15/09/17 around 5.30pm

Caswell Bay, Gower, Wales

My husband and I were driving down the hill towards Caswell Bay

yesterday evening 15/09/17 around 5.30pm. I was the passenger.

Caswell is at the bottom of a steep valley.

When we got to the bottom of the hill near to the Bishopswood Countryside

Centre/Forest School, I looked up and saw a small silver sphere above

the tree-line, maybe about 10 metres up above the tallest tree,

though hard to tell how big it was and how high it was.

My husband didn't see it, the object was high up in the windscreen and I

had to lean forward with my forearms on the dashboard to continue to see


We reached the bottom of the hill and I lost sight of it. Here the road

begins to rise again, and as we gained height, I looked back over my

shoulder and from out of the rear passenger door I saw it again, it had

moved up the valley.

Lost sight of it again as we drove up the hill, the view obscured by


Have tried to indicate where we were when I first saw it (orange), and the

location of the UFO (yellow).

We did a circuit through Bishopston, Murton, Manselfield, and back down

to Caswell Bay road to see if we could see it again but no joy.

I went online this morning to see if there was anything similar sighted in

the U.K. recently, it looked exactly like the silver sphere videoed by a man

in Leeds in July this year. Kept blinking out a little bit, same motion, same

speed, same size.

Very shiny like chrome, with a darker ring around it

where it was backlit by the sun setting in the west, suggesting it was a

sphere and not a flat surface.

We`ve had a couple of cases of sphere`s in & around Caswell area .

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