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"Cuboid app. 15 ft - non reflective matt colour, with red, blue, yellow lights with polymorphic abilities. Cuboid with half hemispheres (like domes) one on each side, we only saw three faces, left, lower, and right due to being almost underneath it. It resonated when it moved, about 5 mph.

It followed the electricity wires, and hung by a similar matt black attachment from a void above it, like a rip in the sky but with soft edges. The cuboids didn't halt when it got to the steelwork of the pylon, it passed through it and retained its shape.

We got freaked out at that. Then it noticed us and then stopped for about five seconds, hovering perfectly still, with no noise. It was watching us. We felt as though it had registered us and then continued to go on along the grid over the housing estate at a height of about seventy five feet.

Remarkably, no one saw it that night. I was 7 years old, and no one would listen to me. Me and my step brother kind of just looked at each other with bemusement. But it has caused severe problems with my relationships. I feel totally alienated from humanity..... and abandoned by that whatever it was. It just went off like we just didn't matter."

Duration of sighting: 20 seconds.

Source: citing NUFORC report - reported by witness 8 August 1999.

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