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Twin sisters Layann and Joann Coombs were with their dogs playing in the fields near the coastal cliffs half a mile from their home, Ripperston Farm.

Layann: "We were playing roly-poly in the grass and then I saw something walking up into the hedge....quite near."

A very tall and thin silver-clad figure had appeared about fifty feet from the two girls and was walking slowly. Layann added that it was a silver human being, which had a face but no eyes, ears or nose.

She explained it was like a normal person but square. It had a black head and its straight arms were by its side.

Layann: "The dogs were trying to find us in the grass and I shouted to Joann: 'Can you see that thing?.... and she looked at the hedge and she saw the back of it. The dogs were.... their hair was up and they were barking and growling."

The dogs did not give chase to the being, but backed off instead, looking frightened. Layann said she wasn't frightened though. The figure walked through the hedge and the barbed wire fence.

The children went to a gateway and looked into the next field, the dogs following behind, but could see nothing of the figure. They went home and told their story to their mother, Pauline Coombs and their grandmother who was on a visit.

Pauline accompanied them both back down the fields to the spot where the figure had passed into the next field. Tread-marks were visible in the longish grass, but that was all. After an hour's search and much questioning of her girls, Pauline gave up and returned home.

After much questioning of her girls, Pauline was convinced that they had seen something.

Investigator Randall Jones-Pugh examined the fence. The top strand was waist-high and nearly buried in a hawthorn hedge. No man could have walked through it although the children insisted that the figure had done this and had not climbed over.

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones-Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 98-100.

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