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Cloudy with rain.

Early evening:

Mike Maunder at home in Bishopston experienced a power cut. The alarms in the nearby Bishopston Secondary School went off and police attended

A message from Western Power was received:

"Apologies for the disruption. Something is causing our network to trip. It is automatically resetting but our engineers are looking for the cause."

10.09 PM:

In the Sketty area of Swansea, Frankie & Nia Vaughan and their young son saw a three flashes of light, each one spaced apart by a few seconds.

"Each time the light caused a power cut for around 6 seconds. Absolutely no sound at all, managed to record one light."

Kris Prevel in Dunvant said her lights flickered a few times. She looked out of the window and saw an orange flash twice, with no sound.

"I don't think it was lightning. Odd, the light was in two different places. The lights flickered four times. No sign of anything now [10.15 PM]. She asked Steve Drewson who was in the Poundffald Pub, if he had experienced anything in Three Crosses, to which he answered in the negative. However a little later he messaged her:

"Walking back home now. Lots of orange flashes over South Gower."

Kris wondered if it was lightning coloured by the atmosphere.

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