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8.15 AM.

Mrs Tibbs was in her kitchen:

"I was by the kitchen sink and looking out of the kitchen window.... all of a sudden I thought to myself, 'What on earth am I seeing in the sky?'

And I looked and I looked and repeated over and over. 'What on earth is it?' And as it moved nearer the yard I rushed to the phone and tried to get in contact with my husband but couldn't.

Then I rushed back to the kitchen window and I saw it had changed its position.... it was round.... like a saucer.... but still I couldn't fathom it. It was silvery, glittering, oh beautiful!

You couldn't help but set your eyes on it. It was bobbing up and down. When my husband came home he said,

'What did it look like?' So I said, 'Leave me think a minute.' So I sat and thought and I'll tell you.

It was something like a bed-warmer without the handle. It was floating, up and down."

She added that it was moving slowly, and when it had gone further away from her she said it seemed to have gone over on its side. It then floated out of sight.

There was no sound heard. Duration of sighting: a few minutes.

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones-Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 57 - 58.

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