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Afternoon. Sunny.

A couple were having a picnic near a reservoir at Daerwynno, Llanwonno, near Ynysybwl. They spotted two white orbs dancing around in the sky, which they watched for thirty minutes. The woman said they were:

'.... going at cray speed and random jerky movements, we knew they couldn't be planes or helicopters, they were too fast, and too high up to be a drone.

They were completely silent. We were transfixed watching them in awe, they seemed to be disappearing then reappearing in other places? Anyway they finally disappeared completely then we heard a really loud sound, my boyfriend shouted oh my god turn around, I looked up and there were two extremely low flying military type planes, they were small and dark green in colour and were whizzing around the area we saw the orbs.'

She added that during the whole week the pensioners in her street had been complaining about so many low flying aircraft flying around, from police helicopters to military aircraft, which was not normal. This was happening at night also, keeping people awake.


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