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David Mason, a 32-year-old printer, was watching television when he saw a bright light from the window of his Cwmbran home.

He called his wife, Angela, and together they went outside into the back garden. Mr Mason said the light was 'as bright as the sun and about half the size of the moon.' The couple watched for 15 minutes as it hovered more than a mile away, just above a hill range that surrounds the town [to the west].

The white light then sped off northwards along the ridge at speed and disappeared.

The Masons called the police and two officers arrived to record details of the UFO sighting. This was the last contact that the couple were to have with officialsover the case.

The police report into the Cwmbran incident was forwarded to the Ministry of Defence in London, where operational staff in the air division examined the case. An MOD spokesman said that following these inquiries 'we are satisfied that there were no defence implications.'

Mr Mason says he was surprised not to have had any further inquiries from officials. 'I do not understand how the Ministry of Defence could have investigated the case without contacting me with further queries.'

Source: The Observer 4 March 1983.

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