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7.50 PM. Mrs M. V. Harfoot was in her garden at 2 Raglan Close, Dinas Powys, pegging out some clothes on the line when she saw what she described as "a big orange ball" in the sky over the Distillers in Sully [SW].

At first she thought it was a flame burning off excess gas at the Distillers, a sight with which all local inhabitants are familiar.

Then as it moved she realised this was not possible, and called her husband. Mr Harfoot thought the object was too low to be an aeroplane; it descended lower and then moved upwards again, forming a semi circle.

A third person, Mr J. Davies of Barry, who was working at the Harfoot's house at the time, also witnessed the incident.

"The whole thing lasted only 2-3 minutes," said Mrs Harfoot, "it was just like the colours you see in the fire, yellow and orange intermingling but in a huge ball. I immediately rang the BBC and they phoned Rhoose and St. Athan, but they could not give an explanation as to what this strange object might be."

Barry Police were also contacted but apparently there had been no other reports.

Source: Penarth Times Friday 17 November 1967.

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