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12.30 AM. Clear sky.

David O'Connor (25) at Tonfanau on the Cardigan Bay coast, north of Tywyn, saw a bright light moving over Tal-Y-Garreg Mountain to the east:

"A bright white light, not a normal light, the only way to describe it is if you look at a lamp post and squint your eyes and you see the lines of light coming off the main light, it was sort of like that. It was hard to tell the size or how far away it was, it was up high in the sky, hard to tell how high, but the ball of light was quite big. It was moving quite fast and then slowing down then speeding up again, it was either moving up and down or side to side as it was travelling, it was hard to tell, it was travelling north west. We viewed it for about 3 minutes before it went behind Tal-Y-Garreg mountain then about ten seconds later came back up over the mountain and travelled back in the direction it originally came from then the light started fading and eventually disappeared. After it came back up from behind the mountain we saw it for roughly about another 1 minute.

It was a clear night with no clouds and there was not much natural light as we were in the countryside. The two other people I was with also saw it. About 20 minutes before the sighting we saw 2 satellites and a shooting star. The UFO was many many times bigger and brighter than the satellites and was most definitely not a shooting star as it lasted for about 4 minutes, changed direction and moved much slower than a shooting star."

Duration of sighting: 4 minutes.


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