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6.05 AM.

Williams Flood of 22 Veniss Close, Merlin's Bridge worked at Kraft Foods, Haverfordwest. He'd finished his night shift and left the factory at 6 am to drive the short distance to his home in his 1968 Morris 1800.

His normally reliable car, started cutting out and eventually stopped running. Eventually, however, he got home.

"Well, I parked my car. I was going to get my flask and my sandwich-box when something caught the corner of my eye. This was about five past six in the morning. There are no lights in our street because this is a new estate. It was a clear night, dry, with stars out. Just as I was locking up the car there it was - a ball. It was bright blue. You've seen the blue on the points of a sparking-plug - well, that's the blue it was - electric. It suddenly lit up like that. It seemed to me more or less gliding."

It was about football size and about fifty feet in the air, making no sound. It was about the height of a nearby tree, and was two shades of blue, very light and darkish. The light part was inside and the dark blue outside.

"It was going south....coming down in an arc. It seemed to appear out of wasn't fast moving. As I watched it the thing seemed to be gliding down."

The blue ball seemed to land in a field nearby but William didn't go to investigate, as he was a bit frightened. Although he didn't actually see it touch down, it definitely came close.

His car ran normally after this.

The next morning he carried out a search of the field but no trace was found.

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones-Pugh & F. W.Holiday 1979 pages 156-157.

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