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8 PM. Still and clear, no wind.

Dian Hobbins, of Tywyn was fishing for bass with her partner on the beach at a location known locally as, 'The Point', a headland where the river meets the sea. They were alone on the beach, just them and their dog. It was just getting dusk when her partner noticed what he thought was an aeroplane coming towards them from the west, over the sea at high altitude. However, it was displaying no visible navigation lights, just a glow.

It was travelling at the same speed as an aircraft, and they were amazed when this object turned left a little and then just stopped. There was no vapour trail and no lights other than the glow. Dian tried to take a photograph on her mobile phone, but with a clear result.

They watched it for about one and a half hours until the sky got pitch dark. The object was still visible when they left the beach. When they arrived home, Dian got her binoculars and drove back down to the seafront to get a better look at the object, but in the space of five minutes since they had left, it had totally disappeared. The time was now around 10.30 PM. They drove back down to the point but it had indeed vanished.


Location on map is approximate.

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