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In the Cledwen Valley this night, many farmers and their sons were out working with their sheep, this being the height of the lambing season. Many of them, and villagers of Llangernyw were witness to two objects which came flying in horizontally, passing low and slow over the fields to the east of the village. They were described as orange balls, about 10 feet in diameter and flew in one behind the other at a height of about 20 feet. The two spheres passed over Glan Collen, a cul-de-sac just off the main A548 road through the village. One landed in a field 3 to 4 feet from farmer Williams and his 14-year-old son [of Dolwen Fach farm?]. It moved up a slope, turned and flew up into the air again.

Further up the valley to the south near the village of Gwytherin, at Cwm Canol farm (located about half a mile east of the village), farmer's wife Mrs O. Evans saw an orange ball about ten feet above a field. It gave off a shower of white/pale mauve sparks before exploding, and from the disappearing ball emerged a metallic-grey helmet or domed-disc-shaped solid craft a few feet in diameter, which then slowly descended to the right, to the ground further down the hill and two fields over. At the time a group of Venture Scouts from Derbyshire and Staffordshire were staying at the farm. The scouts were in bed at the time but a scout leader was up and presumably saw it, because he/she phoned the police. This later led to a visit by an official, who gave warning of not telling anybody.

In the meantime the second orange ball had turned towards the village of Gwytherin, changed into a rocket-shaped object, and slowly descended behind a hill on Ty Newydd Isa farm, seen by Mr Williams (no relation to that above), and his family.

By 2 am the village of Llangernyw was busy with police. The army was also on site, with a helicopter loudly landing in the road outside the police station. This woke up UFO investigator Margaret Fry who lived in the village and who was now in the unfortunate position of all her neighbours knowing she'd missed the UFOs! She looked out of the window to see blue flashing lights from the police cars in the village.

With the dawn, the helicopter re-located to the village school field, and the soldiers had fanned out with equipment strapped to their backs to carry out a search of the fields next to the village.

Source:'Link To The Stars' Margaret Fry 2009 pages 136-138.

Location on map is where the two balls were seen going over Glan Collen,

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