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2 AM. No moon.

Daniel Herbert was sitting in the back garden of his terraced house in Plasmarl Terrace, Plasmarl, with family and friends. Neighbours were also out in their back gardens too. At 2 am an object came over from the west. This had been stationary at first and had been visible from when darkness fell at about 10 pm, appearing like a star.

His friend Dan shouted 'Look how bright it's getting!' as it came closer. It reduced in height lower than the few sparse clouds which were present. This took a few moments and they could hear no sound from the object. Daniel described it in a drawing and it appears to be a round object surrounded by a semi-circular 'cowl' (this could be a light effect) and oriented upright (see photo). It carried on moving in an easterly direction.

Later at about 4 am as dawn was breaking, what he thought was the north star (as it had been static all night to the north and quite high), was still visible despite the sun having risen. It suddenly started moving to the south-west and over his location, quite fast. Again with no sound. Daniel's drawing of it shows a similarity to the first object that he had seen, but oriented horizontally.

Throughout that night he had also seen many lights moving erratically and changing direction.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson, Mike Maunder and Emlyn Williams, on site, 16 July 2018.

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