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11.56 PM.

'I had just got home from work. I was standing in my garden looking up at the sky as it was a lovely clear night. I next saw a line of orange light travel across the sky. It was a formed line. It was not gaseous. It was not totally orange in colour but appeared to be compartmental with hardly visible black throughout it. It was long, just bigger than a 2-pence coin if you held it at arm's length and held it up to the sky. It lasted about 3 seconds. It did not disperse. It travelled slightly upwards and across the sky.

There was no head or larger piece at the beginning of it, it was the same width throughout. It then seemed to disappear into apart of the sky. Not all at once, but left my sight as in the front, followed by the middle and then the end, a bit like you would view a vehicle turning around a corner of a building (not sure if that makes sense?). This was not a helicopter, not a plane, not a drone, not a Chinese lantern, not a shooting star, not a satellite and not ice crystals. I have done my own research am totally baffled.'

Source: uploaded 15 March 2016.

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