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Approx. 10.15 PM. Clear and mild.

The witness had taken his dog for a walk on the beach. The air was strangely still and so were the waves.

He then noticed a bright ball of light coming closer from the north over the shore towards him at approximately 10.15 PM.

It stopped in front of the witness and was making a humming noise. He first thought it was a helicopter drone but all of a sudden a white thin beam of light struck him, and he could see a 'person' standing in front of him. He felt very weak and light headed and a pain developed in his back.

The figure was neither male nor female but it was holding something in its left hand that looked like a ladle spoon. He could hear his dog barking in the distance and then nothing. There was no sound or light. He was in a sort of empty space, suspended in the air.

The pain in his back and rectum area became more intense and then it just stopped. He blacked out and came to, sitting holding his head on the ground. The dog was sitting next to him, looking at the sea and wagging her tail. He checked his watch and it was now just a minute after 11 PM. He had lost approximately 45 minutes of time.

He felt weak still but got up and walked home. The sphere had gone and he could hear sheep and the waves now appeared normal. When he got home, he checked his body and his 'behind' and he had blood and a clear substance on his jeans that had not been there before. He put a sample of the substance in the fridge just in case someone could test it. He has no known illnesses and has never seen or experienced anything like this before.

Source: 'Humanoid Encounters' Albert S. Rosales 2015 page 156 citing MUFON CMS.

Location on map is approximate.

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