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1.15 AM.

Michael Hopkins:

'I had just collected my wife from Porth Rugby Club where she'd spent the evening with friends, and as we were getting out of the car outside our house in Park prospect, Graigwen, my wife said to me, "What's that?" I immediately looked in the direction that she was pointing only to observe a pattern of lights slowly, without any sound, gliding across the houses at approx 30 feet above them.

We watched in amazement as the "craft" slowly headed in an easterly direction towards Cefn Eglwysilan mountain. I said to my wife that I thought it was going to collide with the mountain, but it appeared to increase it's altitude to avoid it. We continued to watch the "craft" until it had completely disappeared over the mountain. The night was quiet and cool with no noticeable breeze. Could this have anything to do with the object observed earlier at 6.05 pm?'

The object had one large round white light in the centre of its side. Michael viewed it through binoculars and saw that the white light was made up of a lit centre, surrounded by four lights within the circumference. Other lights on the craft included four small lights arranged two either side of the central large light, with a small red light at front and back.

Source: Michael Hopkins 2018.

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