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Approximately 10 PM.

Lewis Arnold was with a friend driving around and stopped at the top of a hill in Rossett, north of Wrexham to look at the view. They saw what they thought looked like a helicopter moving around, and turning at sharp right angles, forming squares. Looking closer, they then realised that the craft was extremely thin in thickness, and made noise, so clearly no helicopter.

They sat there for a couple of minutes longer and then realised that the object was getting nearer to them. They decided to drive away and as they did so it had close enough for them to see that it was a black triangle.

As they got further down the lane they crossed paths with the object and as they did so they stopped the car suddenly and looked up at it. They saw that was at a height of about 30 feet, and it had stopped to hover directly over them.

They could not not hear a sound from the object and so turned the car engine off to listen. They could hear a faint hum coming from it. Lewis said he noticed that underneath the triangle it had thick white lines going from each corner and through the middle, and it also had a light at each corner.

"We stood there outside of the car in awe for what seemed about two minutes just thinking, what the hell is this! We couldn't believe what was happening! I didn't think to take a photo at this point because I was in so much amazement, and trust me, this has killed me ever since it happened because it could have been the best evidence ever as we were that close to it!"

They got nervous after about two minutes of looking up, got back in the car and drove away quickly. They noticed that the craft did not follow them and they went straight home.

Source: - reported by witness 24 August 2016.

[Location on map is highly approximate - witness said they were in Rossett on a hill looking over the town - however Rossett is in a very flat area and the nearest hill is at Marford to the south - EW].

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