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11.30 PM.

Steven Garton, a 26-year-old member of the Territorial Army Reserves ,and his wife, Angela, saw an object hovering over Little Skirrid Hill, about three miles from their home, and their neighbour also saw it.

"I'm trained to recognise aircraft flying at night and I was surprised by the sound it was making. It sounded like a jet engine but with a deep whirring noise as well.

There were three white revolving lights on it and we watched it move around the hill, disappear behind it, reappear and move slowly towards us. It was the combination of the three white lights and the fact that it was moving far too slowly to be a normal aircraft that convinced me it was a flying saucer and I reported it to the police."

A spokesman for Gwent police said the sighting had been reported to the RAF.

Source: 'Western Mail' Thursday 15 April 1982.

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