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12th JUNE 2021 - CWMBRAN



Afternoon. Clear blue sky.

A couple were in their back garden in Cwmbran and observed three circular objects, silver in colour, moving in a straight line formation towards the severn estuary.

The objects were at a high altitude and moving very fast. The witnesses observed the craft for less than a minute. At the end of the sighting the craft broke formation, accelerating away at extreme high speed. They tried to photograph the event using an iPhone but the picture didn't come out.

Source: Facebook: UK UFO Sightings/WUFON. Witnesses interviewed by Jason Chapman.

At about 1.30 pm, Jonathan Davies, who lives near Usk:

"Took dogs out in front garden, while facing the front of my house looking north, I caught a flash of silver, very high up and saw a metallic object moving very fast, it flew in a straight line until it was above my house then did a very sharp zig-zag movement, then it shot off. Two seconds later, two identical objects flying side by side did the exact same zig zag and again a flash of silver colour was visible. I could not tell the shape as too high up and moving too quickly. I would not have been able to take a pic for the same reason simply moving too fast. Apart from my dogs I was alone. I noticed someone had also seen them a few miles to the west as they had posted it on Facebook so I added that I had also seen them."

Source: Jonathan Davies - June 2021.

Location on map is approximate.

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