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Sighting,UFO,Lights,Saucer,Animal reaction

6 PM.

The witness living in Thomas Street, Miskin, Mountain Ash was alerted by a neighbour who knocked the door. The witness's dog was howling and lights were flickering. On going out, about 30 or 40 of the inhabitants of the street of terraced houses were outside. They were all in the street looking up at a craft directly above them, at an altitude of no more than 500 feet. Circular lights were pulsating in a circular motion. The craft was hazy as there was a layer of strange fog or mist between the street and the object. The witness said it was too low for natural cloud and the outline of the craft was blurred, but it was huge, covering the whole street, and of a dark colour.

There was a very low bass humming sound and everyone was asking what the thing could be. They all stood around watching the craft for about 40 minutes. Then it suddenly took off straight up, disappearing in less than a second. Many of the witnesses reported the sighting and they were all told that there was a local fun fair in Aberdare and the lights were a reflection of lights in the fair. The witness researched this later and discovered that there had been no fair in Aberdare and anywhere nearby on this night.

[This case is very similar to the sighting which occurred on the following night in Waunarlwydd, Swansea and which also had dog reactions reported - E.W.]

Source: citing MUFON reported by witness 23 December 2019.

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