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12 JUNE 2021 - PEMBREY



10 PM.

The witness was sitting outside on Pembrey Road, Kidwelly, with a friend when the friend pointed out a light over the Pembrey firing range. They watched a bright stationary light in the sky over Pembrey just to the south. After about three minutes, another white 'orb', smaller than the first seemed to come out of the first one. This then started to move slowly forward then descended below the treeline. After about a minute it then reappeared over the treeline. The smaller orb then went towards the bigger one slowly and seemed to go back into it.

The first orb then started to move in a straight line, heading east and when in a position over Burry Port, vanished altogether. There was no sound coming from the orbs, no smoke trails. The witness said the firing range was closed at the time and there were no aircraft in the area.

Duration of sighting: 6 minutes.

A photo was taken.

Source: citing MUFON.

Location postcode is SA17 4TF.

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