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A doctor of psychology of Cardiff University, Dr. Simon Griffey, 50 and his son Jack, 23, were driving near Llangynidr Mountain in the Brecon Beacons at 11.40 pm, when they spotted lights over Talybont-on-Usk.

He said: “There was no noise whatsoever, it was a bit eerie. I’ve driven over this mountain for 17 years and have never seen anything like it.

There were seven lights and having read the description from the soldiers in Shropshire, there are some similarities. They were the same sort of colour and the same spherical shape that they reported. I know I wasn’t seeing things because Jack saw exactly the same thing as I did – and two other cars pulled over to look.”

Sceptics have suggested the sightings could be huge man-made lanterns floating into the sky. But the boffin, of Llangynidr, said: “It was too big. It was way above the horizon and stayed there for 15 minutes. It was a bit smaller than a full moon – quite big and high up.”

Jack recorded the phenomenon on his mobile phone – but when they examined the pictures later, they found only three of the seven lights showed up.

Dr Griffey said: “The police helicopter crew (8 June) said they failed to record the sighting on their equipment. If it had been a natural phenomenon you surely would have been able to photograph all of it. I’d like someone to explain – because I have no idea what to make of it. I think it’s plausible that there could be life on other planets.”

Source: The Sun 27 June 2008. Reporter: John Coles.

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