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6.05 PM.

Michael Hopkins was at home in Graigwen, Pontypridd:

'I had just sat down on my sofa to have my tea on a tray, when I glanced out of the window and saw what I thought was an aircraft flying above Cefn Eglwysilan Mountain on the London to New York flight-path.

Taking a second look, as something didn't appear quite right, I noticed that the long silver-white cigar shaped object was about the same size as a trans-Atlantic aircraft, but had no wings. I lay my tray aside and went outside to confirm what I saw, and watched it for a minute or so, until it started to turn in a 90 degree southerly curve virtually above my house. I ran upstairs for my binoculars and when I returned outside I found that the object had seemingly changed into a disk shape.

I assumed that the object had rotated into the vertical position and I was looking at what would have been the back of the object. I called my neighbour, J, to look up and confirm that the object was now disk shaped, which he did.

The sky was mainly clear with some minor cloud, and there was no noticeable sound coming from the object whatsoever. The speed of the craft seemed to be around the same as a trans-Atlantic aircraft would be travelling as viewed from the ground, i.e: slow and graceful.'

The object had approached from the east to the north of Pontypridd and turned left, curving around to the south and passing over the centre of the town.

Source: Michael Hopkins 2018.

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