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About midnight.

A woman called P.K. (wishes to remain anonymous) was out alone on the beach at East Aberthaw on the Vale of Glamorgan coast. She was by her tent on the eastern side of a dune which overlooked a nature reserve. A camp fire was burning next to her, in a quiet spot next to a large log (see picture below). Being very spiritual, she had just completed a routine meditation and was lying on her right side by the fire and enjoying the solitude and peace, when a bright white light shone on her left from behind.

She turned to see an intense ball of light about 30-35 ft in the air which was coming up slowly and silently as her camp was illuminated with the light it gave off. It was quite big, roughly 4-5 ft in diameter. She couldn't see the surface or edges as it was too bright, like looking at the sun. As it got overhead it suddenly faded and she was in the pitch dark again, with only the light of her fire to see by. She explained that there was never any feeling of fear, only calm and peacefulness.

Source: SUFON Files: witness report June 2020.

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