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Sighting,UFO,Lights,Saucer,Cigar shape


Tony Heare of Pontypool:

"I saw a blue/white light at the front of an object with a red/orange light flashing directly above and three or four blue/white lights behind the first. It gave the impression of being vaguely similar to the size of a single decker bus. No noise was audible at all. A car moved off nearby, but soon all was quiet again.

The object was seen from the car park of Llandegweth Reservoir, facing towards Newport. The object travelled on a seemingly straight line. It reached a mountain to our right, seeming to hover, then turned on its axis and travelled back towards our left. We hardly needed to look up to see the object.

It appeared to be over somewhere between Cwmbran and Newport a distance from us of about two miles. The weather was cloudy, but the object was definitely below cloud cover.

There was no haze or fog present. The speed of the object was very slow indeed, comparable to that of a helicopter or small plane, but no noise was audible. I have not notified the police or any local authority about my sighting.

Source: UFO-UK Peter Paget 1980.

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