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“I went outside at about 10.38 pm because apparently there were going to be shooting stars that night. After a minute or two I noticed a bright blue light above the opposite hill. I assumed it was a light in a house.

After a while I realised it couldn’t be on a house, it was too high and it just didn’t look right. It started to move in a straight line in my direction and as it came closer I noticed two things – what I could see was a bright blue light, sphere shaped.

Also the noise this thing was emitting, it was like heavy machinery, a drill perhaps. This was all very strange so I ran inside to get a torch, to have a better look. I couldn’t find one so I went back out, but by this time the UFO was almost gone. I could still see and hear it though. After about 15 seconds, it was gone.

I was eager to find out what it could be, the glowing blue light (which didn’t blink by the way) and strange, grinding sound had got me thinking this wasn’t normal aircraft.”

Duration of sighting: 1 minute 20 seconds.

Source: uploaded by witness 12 August 2009.

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