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Pauline Coombs was driving to her home at Ripperston Farm on the Dale Peninsula, from St. Ishmaels, with her son, Kieron, 12-year-old son and 8-year-old twin daughters Joanne and Layanne. About a mile from home on a straight narrow section of road bordered by wide verges, Kieron suddenly saw a light in the sky ahead of them.

Pauline: "It was getting closer and it looked as though it would come through the windscreen. This thing went over us and the boy looked out of the back window to see if it kept going."

The object was about the size of a football, yellowish in colour and had a torch-like beam spreading out from its underside towards the ground.

Kieron shouted that it had done a U-turn and was coming alongside them on a parallel course. Pauline was unable to change direction on the long straight road, with neither turn-off nor opening,and accelerated up to 80 mph.

The children in the back seat started to cry as the ball of light maintained its position nearby just above the hedgerows. Pauline turned the car quickly onto the drive leading to the farm and they bounced down the uneven track.

Suddenly the headlights faded, the engine cut out, and the car rolled for about a hundred yards until it stopped moving. Pauline grabbed the children from the rear seat and they hurried down the dark track, not daring to look back.

When they got to the house she blurted out to her husband, Billy what they had seen. He disbelieved her but their eldest son, Clinton, 17,came with her to the front door just in time to see the UFO fading away, shooting over the fields towards the sea.

The car was never right electrically again and they sold it a few weeks later.

Source: 'The Welsh Triangle' Peter Paget 1979 pages 29-30.

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