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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

2.30 PM.

The witness, in a friend's house in north central Cardiff, looked out of the living room window, and saw an elongated, bright silver-coloured oval shape which was slowly passing from left to right (this would make its direction of travel very roughly south-westerly). Its long axis was parallel to the horizon.

'I had no way to determine the speed, altitude or size of the object, but I had to focus my eyes into the far distance to see it, so it was clearly very large and very high. It looked about as long as about half the diameter of the moon.

After maybe eleven or twelve seconds it seemed to shorten, and at first I thought that it was turning either towards or away from my point of view - but very quickly the object vanished altogether, as if it were passing through an invisible door in the sky.

All but the first three seconds or so of this was also witnessed by my friend, and neither of us underwent any perceptual changed or felt any strangeness during the sighting.'

Source: : witness submitted report 25 September 2019.

Location on map is approximate.

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