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7.15 PM - 7.30 PM. Clear and fine.

Mr. Hughes lived in Berthengam, near Holywell in Flintshire. He saw an object some five miles to the south at Moel-Y-Parc, the BBC TV mast at Afonwen:

"...I'd been in Holywell,and was just coming in the back door when I happened to turn and saw this thing going round the TV mast. It was 'saucer-shaped' and reddish, rather like a tangerine and it had a 'tail' to it - like a piece of string. This was followed by four or five others at intervals of about a minute, all going round the mast, but only one was seen at a time...."

Mr. Hughes explained that they disappeared like someone 'blowing them off.' They rounded the mast and then seemed to 'shoot away' before they 'went out.' They seemed to be solid enough, glowing 'just like a solid thing - no flames.' The 'string-like thing' was not apparent on all of them, but was pretty lengthy - like a kite's tail. It was difficult to obtain an exact idea of size, as this could only be done in relation to lights on the mast (the top three were visible from Mr. Hughes' home), but were estimated at a diameter of about 15 feet.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 4 No. 2 Spring 1974 - Norman Oliver.

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