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9.50 PM. Clear sky.

An international student at Swansea University Singleton Campus (wishes to remain anonymous) was outside the student halls on the campus, in the car park to the rear of the Taliesin Theatre. He spotted a white orb at 10 o'clock high to the south-east at a 60-degree angle in the sky and slowly rising.

The orb then dimmed and completely faded, but before it disappeared a smaller orb appeared to have 'broken off' from it and falling straight down. No aircraft noise was heard, and the night sky conditions were clear. He described the light as being like the landing light of an aircraft but moving sideways and silently. From his viewpoint, it looked like it was over the sea in the direction of Port Talbot, moving north but gaining in altitude before it disappeared.

SUFON's Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams met with him on 22 May 2019 on site and received a full verbal description from him. Interestingly, although not relevant to the sighting, the witness is an American citizen, like the witness from Port Talbot who saw an object in the approximate same area about an hour previously!

Source: SUFON Files: witness correspondence by email 11 May 2019 and interview on 22 May 2019.

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