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2.30 AM.

Rob was woken up by a fairly quiet rumbling noise outside. He looked through the bedroom window and saw a bright light. He thought it sounded like a quiet tractor with its headlights on, but then he thought why would a tractor be driving down the road at 2.30 am?

He lived in a lane which was very quiet for car traffic during the early hours. The light was large and white and moved over the houses opposite, appearing to be only about 20 metres above the rooftops, travelling at the equivalent of a fast walking pace. Rob could not see any shape or outline, but just a dull white light.

He watched as it moved slowly down the road in the direction of Haverfordwest town centre.

He had never seen anything like it before. He wondered if it was just coincidence, but that night he had problems with his internet connection, which did not usually happen.

Source: uploaded by witness 10 September 2012.

Location on map is approximate.

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