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11.55 PM.

David B. (19) was watching television when his dog became frisky, so he took it for a walk. They were at nearby playing fields when the dog froze, hackles raised, staring at the fields. Following the animal's gaze, David saw, behind a fence a few metres away, a figure 2.4 m tall, dressed in a white astronaut's suit that appeared padded, non-reflective and self-luminous, and with a visor in the helmet. It walked stiffly and slowly, one arm raised as if carrying something. It moved about 30 metres in a minute.

David was so afraid that he fled, leaving the dog to run after him. He was shocked and the dog hid under a chair for the rest of the night. David later had inexplicable urges to return to the site. He claimed to have been followed by men in black after the incident.

Source: 'Humanoid Encounters 1975 - 1979' Albert S. Rosales 2016 page 247 citing 'Modern Mysteries of Britain' Janet & Colin Bord also Andrew Collins, Martin Keatman & Graham Phillips in NUFON News 82, page 6.

Location on map is approximate.

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