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I was driving a friend home and we saw something flying in the air to the right of us, quite close, travelling in the same direction. I was unable to get a really good look as i was driving and there were houses in the way too, so i only caught glimpses. We had no idea what it was - definitely no plane or helicopter as it had no wings or blades.

Too big to be a drone. I managed to capture it on film, but unfortunately it's not a great video (they never are, are they! :/ ) By the time i got to the end of my friend's street, (which is a dead-end so we couldn't carry on anyway), stopped the car and got my phone out, it was a lot further away, so you can't see it very well and it appears to be a lot smaller than it looked when we first saw it. (But that also shows how quick it was travelling, because it was in-line with us when we spotted it

It was at Highfield, Loughor, i believe we were either facing South or South-East. It was only me and my friend in the car, i didn't notice any other witnesses in the area. My friend was the one who spotted it and shouted out "what the hell is that!?"

Unfortunately my recollection of actually seeing it is so vague, because i didn't get a good look at it, and it was months ago now too. I do remember wondering myself at the time how low it actually was/how big it actually was, i couldn't really figure it out just by seeing it for a split second each time and trying to focus on driving at the same time too, as stupid as that may sound.

I couldn't figure out if it was something larger and further away, or something smaller and closer to us! It was directly to the right of me as i was driving, so i almost had to look over my shoulder and upwards, and it was only visible between houses too, so all in all i really couldn't get a good look at it. I remember it being a dark grey/black colour, and i don't recall seeing any type of lights at all, but again i couldn't look at it in detail, and with it being the middle of the day lights would have been difficult to see anyway.

It was definitely close enough for us to clearly confirm that it did not have any kind of wings or blades. If i had to guess, I'd say it was around the same size as a small helicopter, maybe slightly smaller, but like i said i honestly don't know. To me it was like seeing a regular low-flying helicopter, only it definitely wasn't a helicopter. There was no sound, not any we could hear anyway. (we didn't get out of the car, and i can't recall if we had music on either, i know we didn't when we filmed it, but it was further away then anyway.) The only explanation i could think of was that it was some kind of drone, but I've never seen one like that before... but we both believe it was too big and too fast to be a drone regardless.

It was in line with us when we spotted it, travelling in the same direction, i was doing a solid 30-35mph and by the time i stopped the car at the bottom of the road, whipped my phone out, it seemed a lot further into the distance already, and it seemed higher than i thought it was when we first saw it too, although it's hard to tell because we were higher up when we first spotted it as the street goes downhill.

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