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7.45 PM.

The witness, Dee looked out of the window to see two bright lights in the sky. She described these as like landing lights on a plane. She and her son watched these for about one minute before they disappeared behind clouds. At first she thought maybe it was the moon behind the clouds until the moon showed itself to the left and higher up.

She explained: 'These lights looked as though a plane was about to land straight over my house but it was silent, the lights did not move they were completely stationary. I live next to a motorway [M4] so anyone going eastbound would've seen these too.

Me and my son are gob smacked after just witnessing this, I'm glad he seen it too or else I would've questioned myself. I hope someone else comes forward to report this also as it was unmissable to the naked eye (massive). I also checked Flightradar24 and there were no aeroplanes in the vicinity.'

Moon rise on this date was at 5 pm so the moon would have been in the south-east at 7.45 pm. If the lights were visible to the right of it, that would have put them to the south.

Source: posted by witness 9 October 2017.

Location on map is highly approximate.

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