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9.20 PM. Clear sky, slight cloud.

A woman was hanging washing out in her garden in Penparcau to the south of Aberystwyth and looked up vertically while facing north to see a stationary object high in the night sky. She described it as a triangle of green lights which switched on and off independently when green lights off a large white flash of light appeared in the same position at ten second intervals.

There was no movement except the flashing lights. It was also seen by her husband. It was reported to RAF Brawdy. The CRO there put it down to green navigation lights and a high intensity strobe light of an aircraft or helicopter.

[But there was no red navigation light reported, and what about the triangular formation of the green lights? - Also the lights stayed on for ten seconds intervals - navigation lights don't do that. -E.W.]

Source: MOD Files.

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