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In the tiny village of Llandeloy, not far from St. David's on a dry, clear night lit by a full moon, at about 9.15 PM, Tracey Jenkins (aged 11) was in her bedroom at the back of her house getting ready for bed. The view from the window is northwards across fields with the buildings of Ashgrove Farm visible at a distance of about half a mile.

A little to the right of the Ashgrove barn Tracey saw a very low cloud or bank of mist. It was about the height of a house from the ground. Although a strong breeze was blowing from the sea that night the cloud remained quite stationary.

From the top of the cloud a luminous object rose into view. The colour was yellowish and the light pulsated rather quickly. The object was roughly triangular in shape and looked rather like a yacht with its sails set. It seemed to be about four feet high. The child stared at the object for about a minute before it sank back into the cloud. After a short time an object of a slightly different shape appeared.

Tracey said: 'When it disappeared I was looking all over the place and I felt frightened. I waited about three or four minutes before it came back. When it came out again it seemed to have moved towards me.'

She added that it was now larger and longer and she described it as a 'banana', then a 'gondola', yellowish and pulsating. Tracey called her dad and told her nine-year-old sister, Sarah to get him, who shot downstairs and their father, laboratory technician Islwyn Jenkins quickly came up.

He said, 'The object was still there. I watched it for the best part of a minute until I shouted to Wendy (his wife) but when she came up it had reduced to an oval glow.'

Wendy Jenkins said that when she saw it it was a vague gondola shape, but only a glow, it didn't go out but the glow remained for a long time.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh & Holiday 1979.

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