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We received a msg via Facebook early on in the morning

Have you had any reports of a strange craft over Cardiff this morning about 6.10 am, coming down from the darkness of the sky about south west and then leaving south east direction, very little sound. I can only describe it as triangle and gave off the biggest orb like glow in the center of it, very bright indeed.

I am in the llanrumney area of Cardiff near llanrumney hall. as I stood in the back garden with the dogs it was south west in the sky. I can not over emphasize the size of the orb, which appeared like a hug burst of energy, It was high in the sky and still appeared large, sun like even?

Most odd. My feelings on the matter is it could perhaps be a TR3B type or more advanced. ,it was there maybe 3 mins, then glided off.

Throughout the day there seemed to be a build up of military activity (in the sky) but thought nothing of it, then about 10 30 pm we had a flurry of messages saying there`s something going on over Garth Mountain, we were then sent a few picture.

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