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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

6.30 AM.

A cigar-shaped flying object was reportedly seen by a Newport woman this week travelling in the sky over Hafodyrynys and Griffithstown. The woman, Mrs Pamela Morrison, said she was driving a mini-bus to Glengariff, when she first saw the object in the sky above the Pontypool-Crumlin road.

The object turned at an easy angle, and took on a cigar-shape, it travelled towards Newport, and Mrs. Morrison pursued it in the mini-bus as far as Griffithstown, where she lost sight of it. One of the passengers in the bus was also reported to have seen it.

Two Newport men also saw a strange round light in the sky as they drove on the M4 to London on Thursday. They were Mr. K. Mitchell and Mr. G. Dawson. No reports of UFOs have been received by the police. Mr. Mitchell said it was 6.30 a.m. when he and Mr. Dawson were travelling on the M4 when they saw the light in the sky.

"It was round and white and appeared just above the clouds. It was ahead of us and grew larger as we approached, but then it jumped ahead of us again. We were going to report it when we had crossed the Severn Bridge but at that time it disappeared. When we continued our journey it appeared again," said Mr. Mitchell.

Mr. Mitchell said because they thought it might have been a reflection from the windows they wound these down, but the light was still there. Mr. Mitchell (ex. R.A.F.) said it was not an aircraft.

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 3 No. 4 - Autumn 1971 - citing South Wales Argus/B.I.S.T.R.A. INFORMATION SHEET.

Location on map is approximately where the object was first seen.

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